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Monday, July 10, 2006

Prayers an deutsche Soldaten

Hab auf meinem Hauptblog bereits darüber geschrieben.
Soviel ich weis ist es soweit, oder war es heute schon.
Die Jungs fliegen in den Kongo!

Hier sind ein paar Auszüge der Prayers die von vielen Soldiers Angel geschrieben wurden:

May God and all his angels watch over you and keep you safe.
You are all true heroes. Thankyou.

A NJ Angel

All our thoughts and prayers will be with you on your journey. Know that angels are always watching over you.

SA in Florida

As you go on this journey, angel wings are wrapped around each and every one of you. Take care of each other. We are praying for your safe return.

Dear "Friends of Nelly"

I want you to know that you have friends in the US...I pray that the Lord will watch over you and keep you safe while you are out on your mission. Stay strong! Amen.

Greetings to our German comrades from the UK Smile.....we will be keeping you all in our hearts and prayers each day Wink.

Lassen Sie eine sichere Entwicklung und einen Gott Sie segnen.

Very Happy Angel The angels have got your backs....Prayers and love go with you......

"EVERY soldier is one of our own"

Dear Heroes,
You are definately in my thoughts and prayers. Please stay safe and know there are MANY angels watching out for you.
Sharon, Va Angel

Sending you many prayers for your safe return to your loved ones. We will be thinking of you and surrounding you with love and light.

Therese Lott
Va Beach VA

Theresa is half German, and yep it count's Theresa :)

Dear Heroes,

You will be in my thoughts and prayers and may you all return home safely to your family, friends and loved ones. Angels will be watching over you.

Angel Hugs,
Louella Sadler
San Antonio, Texas

Dear God please protect the German troops that are leaving for duty.Please take good care of them and their loved ones while they are apart.

Thank you for loving us all.

From Jerry and Ann in Oregon

Also ihr lieben, passt gut auf Euch auf. Egal was kommen mag, glaubt immer an Euch selbst, dann könnt ihr alles bewerkstelligen, gebt niemals auf. Wir werden immer für Euch da sein und an Euch denken.
Dieses Mal ist es ein klein wenig anders als sonst, dieses Mal habt ihr den Rückhalt von Menschen aus der ganzen Welt. Ihr habt den Rückhalt von Britischen, Deutschen, Canadischen und Amerikanischen Soldier Angels!